Once your dog picks up the item, start running away from him to have him bring it back to you. Teaching my dogs to fetch was actually pretty simple. When I'm not training, walking, grooming, or making homemade treats for my dogs, you will find me at the corner of Good News & Fun Times as publisher of The Fun Times Guide (32 fun & helpful websites). The article explains how to get them to play and release and you can search articles for teaching your dog to out . When your dog goes to investigate the toy praise/click and treat. I throw his toy and say fetch and he gets it and brings it by me put doesnt give me it and growls. See These Dog Fetch Training Tips In Action. If the dog even loosens his grip and starts to drop the item, he gets a treat. What if your dog repeatedly drops the item out of his mouth while running back to you or a few feet short of where you are? Use verbal praising afterwards to continue to reward your dog for his success. The focus here is on the Bring, not the Give. Have you tried to teach your dog to fetch a ball or a frisbee, but he won’t bring it back to you? Golden puppies love to hear praise, and love to spend time with you, so to teach your dog to fetch is the simple part. Go to a hallway or small room, like the bathroom. Although this is acceptable when starting out, you eventually need to be more selective with your rewards because the goal is to have your dog drop her prize onto your outstretched hand. Praise your dog the moment she picks it up, go to her and say “Give” as you reward the release. For example, teach your dog to fetch the mail. It can protect a dog when it has something dangerous in its mouth , plus it allows you and your dog to play games like tug-of-war and fetch safely. Once your dog gets the hang of “fetch,” he will be able to retrieve just about anything: If you first teach your dog the fetch command indoors, it may be harder to achieve follow-through later when you ask him to fetch outdoors. Try simply getting your dog to run back to you after he has retrieved the item that you tossed for him. Instead of it being: I throw > she returns > she drops it > repeat, she thinks it is: I throw > I chase her > we play tug > repeat. Give your dog the "drop it" command, and then show it the treats. Your dog should instinctively start to run after you. (This will really impress your friends, too!). If he complies, give him the toy and stay with him. Some dogs will chase after the toy but then won’t bring it back, while others simply look at you with a confused expression, wondering why you repeatedly throw the toy away! If he brings the toy back to where you are be sure to reward him with a treat and praise. What is the best and easy way to teach him? I'm glad you guys are enjoying the video! When she releases the toy, reward her (praise or treats) for a job well done! Move backward while he comes back with the toy or ball. If your dog won’t relax his jaws for love or dog cookies, you can use the pressure point behind her upper canine teeth or fangs. If your dog won’t give the ball back, won’t drop the ball, won’t let go of his toys. Transcript So the next part is to see if we can get Nora to pick up a toy and actually put it into the box. Actually, the dog has simply taken charge of the game and changed the rules from “fetch” to “tag” or “keep away.” Source. To continue to reinforce the behavior more thoroughly, drop the toy in different places and command your dog to bring you his toy. Teach Your Dog to ‘Roll Over’ You want the “drop” part of the process to be automatic instead of having to ask for it each time your dog brings a toy to the box. ). If she is accustomed to clicker training, she should drop the toy when she hears the click because she knows a treat is coming. This process may take a few minutes before your dog picks up the item again. Sit on the floor with your dog facing you, while holding a toy show it to your dog. Repeat this four to five times. I have a 7 month lab/border collie mix that still does not know how to play fetch properly. After getting some nice strong toys for your dog, you will need to teach your dog how to play with them without destroying them (even the strongest toys are sometimes no match for a determined chewer!). Once she takes the toy, say the command and then click and treat. If you’re lucky, your dog plays fetch naturally, but few dogs intrinsically understand the concept of retrieving. Once your dog has realized that they get treats when they get their toy and bring it back, start "upping the ante" by throwing the toy farther. Repeat Steps 2 through 5 twice, and then stop. How to Train Your Dog to Give Back after Fetching, Recognizing Common Health Issues in Dachshunds. Tease him trying to take the toy away from him. Don’t toss objects all day, saying “Bring, Bring, Bring,” or you’ll find your dog avoiding you, saying “No, No, No!” Each Bring lesson should be no more than 5 to 10 minutes. Your dog may release the ball as you approach or toss it on the ground near you. 4. Give the toy a short toss and instruct “Bring.”. Then, hold the toy in front of your dog, and wait for it to grab it with its mouth. And no more than four lessons a day! The release command is very important to train your dog. You will probably find that after a few repetitions, your dog no longer wants to take the toy/chew. 300 free dog training streaming videos, free eBooks, podcasts, by Ed Frawley and Michael Ellis. Once he enjoys the engagement with you of pulling on the “live” toy, he’ll know that toys are more fun when you’re involved. I threw the ball and — in an excited voice — said, “Go get it!”, Once they got close to the item I (again, in an excited voice) said, “Pick it up!”, After they picked up the item, I told them to “Bring it.”. Make sure you wait until you have the ball back in your possession before giving up a treat. Anything a dog puts in her mouth is special, at least to her. Never chase your dog to get her to give you what she has in her mouth. Or if your dog won’t fetch at all, then this is the article for you. I like to help Dog Parents find unique ways to do things that will save time & money -- so I write about "outside the box" Dog Tips and Dog Hacks that most wouldn't think of. The second he drops the toy or chew, click or say “Yes!” Quickly give the treat as you pick up the toy/chew. With each successful fetch, offer treats and praise, then toss the toy a little farther. You might also want to try this with a treat in your hand, because some dogs are more motivated by treats than others. Filed Under: Cool Dog Tricks, Dog Tricks & Training, Home & Garden Tagged With: Dog Games & Activities, Dog Tricks To Try, Frisbee Fun For Dogs, Outdoor Fun With Dogs. Repeat this and your dog will become a very good fetcher. First, teach your dog to fetch and place a toy directly into your hand. If your dog is not returning the toy to you, grab his attention by squatting in place so you are down low at his level and asking him to bring the toy back to you. Leerburg's 16,000 pages of dog training information. Copyright © 2004-2021 The Fun Times Guide | Privacy Policy | About | Contact | Sitemap, Try simply getting your dog to run back to you, step-by-step how to get your dog to follow-through with the fetch command, How To Encourage Natural Retrieving In A Puppy, VIDEO: Using 2 Items To Encourage Fetching Behavior, Clothing Shoes Hats & Accessories For Dogs, Home Remedies & Alternative Medicine For Dogs. If your canine-brain is so food-obsessed that she can’t think of anything else, forget the treat and use extra amounts of praise. Training your dog to drop the ball into your hand when playing fetch is a MUST for playing fetch. Ananth Reply: December 16th, 2013 at 9:18 am. Don’t rush it. When he finally … After your dog understands that when you say “Bring,” you want the object you pointed to and when you say “Give,” it’s a hand delivery you’re looking for, then you’re ready to help her connect the two talents. Put something your dog feels relatively neutral about —such as a toy they never much cared for—on the floor in front of them, then tell them to “leave it.” When they ignore the object, click the training clicker and give them a treat. Your dog will soon let go of the first toy and transfer to the second. (By getting your dog to chase you, you are encouraging him to bring something back to you. Extend your hand to retrieve the object and say “Give.”. My daily motivation is to help first-time dog owners be better prepared from the first day your new puppy enters your home. Get MORE dog training tips and examples on instagram! Teach your dog to fetch and you will spend many happy hours playing and bonding with your Golden. If you’ve tried those steps, and your dog still won’t follow through and bring the item back to you, it’s time for a new tactic. Once your dog has the item in his mouth, start running away from him. After it takes the toy, say, “Drop it,” and offer it the treat so it lets go of the toy. When he brings it back to you, praise him highly and reward him. Don’t make her come to you then ask her to relinquish her prize; that negative reinforcement just encourages her not to come when called. This behavior may even be instinctive and is easily taught. You can easily teach your dog to bring you a toy instead. Give the toy a short toss and instruct “Bring.” Cheer your dog back to you when she grabs the toy. Instead, teach the “Give” command and be patient! To teach your dog to “drop it,” start by holding a dog toy in one hand and a small treat in the other. Playing fetch is a great way to have fun with your dog and exercise him at the same time. You want your dog to retrieve, not the other way around. To get a dog to follow-through takes a bit more training (and patience). PETFLOW'S *NEW* OFFER: Enter discount code ZAK30 at checkout to get $10 off your first THREE automatic shipments!!! Offer him many toys from which to choose and when you arrive home, hand him a toy. Only click and treat when they remove their attention from the object. How do I teach my dog to bring the toy back during fetch? By using the same cue words and keeping all of my commands in a very excited tone of voice, it kept my dogs interested in getting the item I tossed for them. Toss the toy. I’m a lifelong dog owner -- currently have 2 mixed breed Golden Aussies that we found abandoned on the side of the road as puppies. He will probably drop the toy or chew to take the treat. Practice fetch-to-hand for a few weeks, until your dog really “gets it,” picking up the toy when it lands on the floor instead of your hand. I have 2 Miniature Pinschers. Go to a hallway or an enclosed space. Do this with lots of excitement in your voice. Some dogs, when they’re given the fetch command, are more focused on the item they caught than on actually bringing it back to you. Then give your dog an additional reward by throwing the ball to continue the game. Speedy Return – Having the dog fly back to The treat should induce her to drop the toy. If your dog gets so excited that she can’t hold onto the toy, you might be rushing it. If the issue is that he won’t let go, tell him to drop it and put a treat by his nose. That’s right… away from him! Actually, the dog has simply taken charge of the game and changed the rules from “fetch” to “tag” or “keep away.”  Source, To get your dog to bring the item back to you when teaching your dog the fetch command, try the following dog fetch training tips…. Then it’s a short step to you letting go of the toy mid-game and watching him bring it back to you - nudging your hand to get you to play again. If you notice that your dog chases after his toy but doesn’t … To date, I've written over 500 articles for dog owners on this site! The dog will have to release the ball to get the treats. Misc Help. Teaching Your Dog To Bring His Toy Back To You 1 Play ‘Bait-and-Switch’ with your dog. Many of them have upwards of 200K shares. Learn how to teach your dog to put away his toys from professional dog trainer Andrea Arden in this Howcast dog training video, part 2 of a 2-part series. Pull up a chair and line up some treats plus your dog’s favorite toy. Lots of dogs will chase after a ball or other retrieving toy, but when they get it they not only won’t bring it back, but actually run away from you with it when you try to get it back. I've always trained my own dogs and help friends train theirs, as well. To get your dog to bring the item back to you when teaching your dog the fetch command, try the following dog fetch … He is a cross between a collie and a dobermann. My dogs are pretty good with the fetch command. And I’ve been lucky; they’ve always followed through without a problem. To signal Give, hold your open palm in front of your dog’s mouth. Getting your dog to give up an object he has just fetched is the trickiest part of the retrieve, especially if you’ve chased your dog for things in the past. We look at the solutions to these common fixable retrieving problems. That is, of course, if you can teach him to drop the object when and if he brings it back!. I've been sharing my best ideas with others by blogging full-time since 1998 (the same year that Google started... and before the days of Facebook and YouTube). Ask your dog to sit or do another trick that he knows. Now, throw the toy or a ball to a distance and watch him fetch the ball. Don’t reward her if she drops the toy at your feet. When your dog has finished eating the treat, offer him the toy/chew. Give your dog a toy and teach the name or the toy, which will be your command for that item. (And just because I love animals so much, I also worked at a Zoo for awhile!) He’ll only catch, but not fetch and return the item to you? Getting the Object Back If your dog stops and drops the object before reaching you, back away while saying “All the way,” or “Bring it.” Once he reaches the spot where you were originally located, go to him and offer praise, then toss the object again. Line up several toys and treats. My husband and I consider them our 4-legged kids. If he tosses the toy on the ground, ignore her, show her a new toy and encourage her to give you that toy. In this video you can see step-by-step how to get your dog to follow-through with the fetch command and bring the item back to you: Once your dog begins to follow-through and he actually bring items back to you, it’s time to move on to fetching more unique items. Training your dog to release, or "drop it," means teaching your dog to let go of whatever is in its mouth when given a verbal cue. Then, in a really excited voice, I asked if they were ready. To teach your dog to “give” or “drop it”, simply have dog treats in hand and speak the command in a deeper-than-normal voice… like you’re very serious. The reason is there are so many other sights and smells to distract him outside, so it will take a bit more practice (and patience on your part).More Dog Fetch Training Tips. He thinks you want him to chase you. Lots of dogs will chase after a ball or other retrieving toy, but when they get it they not only won’t bring it back, but actually run away from you with it when you try to get it back. Spin Back Toy Pickup – The key to getting your dog to bring the toy back QUICKLY and straight to you begins with the enthusiastic way the dog picks up the toy and whips his head around to drive back towards you. (If your dog becomes aggressive, stop immediately and call a professional — you’ve got a pet aggression problem.). The spin back pickup is the back bone of the fast retrieve. If your lessons are upbeat, the dog will retain the behavior much better than if they’re long and frustrating. He is 3 in august how can I teach him to give his toys so I can play with him? This time, wait and see if he drops the toy in the box without using the drop cue. It might help to find a hallway (which will reduce distractions) and toss the fetch toy farther and farther away. Professionally, I worked at a vet and have several friends who are veterinarians -- whom I consult with regularly. Reach your thumb and forefinger around your dog’s muzzle and squeeze this spot as you say “Give.” Praise your dog the instant her jaw muscles relax. The idea is to practice this several times in a row, and several days a week. Call your dog over, show her the toy, and praise her when she takes it. So the first step in teaching her to retrieve is to get your dog psyched to show you her “treasure.” All your pooch has to do to learn this step is come back with her prize. With the toy in my hand, I asked them to sit. How to train your dog to bring you things!

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